GL and PL – Current possibilities of treatment

Lipodystrophy is currently incurable; the loss of fatty tissue is irreversible. A suitable diet is very important with GL and PL. The hunger associated with leptin deficiency makes controlling energy intake difficult which in turn has a negative effect on the existing sugar and fat metabolism disorders.

Because of the sugar and fat metabolism disorders, dietary measures or suitable nutrition are very important.

Regular physical exercise or sport makes a significant contribution to alleviating metabolic disorders. The activity should be tailored to the age and state of health of the person in question. Excercise might be not recommended in patients with heart disease.

Medication is also used to treat the metabolic disorders and any possible secondary diseases. It cannot treat the cause of lipodystrophy, only the secondary effects of GL or PL.

If the person’s physical appearance is a great burden to them, cosmetic operations may be possible to improve matters.

The early recognition of the signs and symptoms of lipodystrophy is important so that appropriate treatment can be started as early as possible.